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If you have made it to this page you are either curious about who the other photographers are in town or you are interested in hiring me either way WELCOME!!   

About me should probably start with telling you my name. Well that part is easy; my name is Ruth and as you can see from the picture I am not 80 although my wonderful Grandmother is!  When thinking about what to write here I was a bit confusled (not a real word but you get the idea).  Confusled is a good way to describe me.  So who am I and most importantly what do you want to know?  In short I am a God fearing wife, mother, and photographer.  Since that tells you a whole lot of nothing let’s give you inquisitive readers a little more detail.  

I am God fearing.  I am born again believer in Jesus and it is He who gives me the talent, strength and ability to navigate this crazy amazing adventure I call my life.  

I am wife.  I married my friend, I know the cliche but really, in 2004.  I say my friend because in a bout of foolish stubbornness I refused to date the poor man.  As you can see he hung around and eventually I agreed to marry him.  Three years later we had our first child, Abigail.  Which brings me to: 

I am mom.  Abigail is our miracle child.  When she was just a mere nine months old she got sick with what we thought was a cold.  Turns out it was a virus a very dangerous life taking kind of virus.  We were told by doctors to “plan her funeral” and “if she survives she will never be the little girl you once knew because she will be a vegetable”   As you can see even in picture she is not a vegetable.  Abigail has bi-lateral temporal lobe damage (those docs out there know what I am saying).  Some of her quirks resemble that of a high functioning autistic child mixed with some OCD and a little bit ADD.  Even with all of those obstacles and not counting mild mood swings she is one of the most amazing and loving little girls and I am not just saying that because she is mine.  She has allowed me the unique ability to not only relate to special needs families as I have my own special needs child, but she also has given me the knowledge to know how so that I can photograph these special children.  Aleczander is our youngest. Thankfully there is no tragic story to follow him however, he is a climber and if you have ever had a climber you know where I am coming from in that simple statement.  Another way to describe my boy in to say he is all boy!  He loves trucks and dirt and anything that resembles boy.    Together these guys make up my motley crew.  

So about me… uh okay so you got that I am stubborn as well as a wife and mother.  I also said God fearing.  So that leads to I voluntarily work with Middle School and High School Youth which of course makes most people question my sanity.  Oh I almost forgot the point of why you are reading this… if you still are… good on ya (as one of my friends would say)  

I am a photographer.  Why?  I got tired of poor quality prints from chain stores.  You know the one who gave you a whopping what felt like thirty seconds to sit down and look at the camera.  This frustration was likely amplified by the fact that a disabled child doesn’t really do anything in thirty seconds or five minutes that you want them to do.  Regardless it spurred me to action and before my son was born I decided to dig deep into becoming a professional photographer.   I have been snapping pictures since my parents bought me my first 110 camera.  It was the best I remember it was pink and black.  The pictures I took had no composition or reason really but even looking back on those they tell a story.  My story.   So crappy photography aside to tell you why I became a photographer would also mean sharing a fear.  I fear memory loss.  Things like dementia, Alzheimer’s, dramatic brain injury terrify me.  However, pictures help people remember.  They help my daughter remember who people are and they can help you or your family remember who you are.  So, I truly believe that photographs are a way to always remember and a way to always be remembered.  

If you made it this far.  I am impressed and I hope that you will allow me the chance to get to know you and capture your memories in a way that will last for generations to come.

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