Why do you charge so much?

I charge what I do b/c I believe that professional photography should be available to all.  With that said it is not for everyone.  Personal photography is about choice and designed artwork.  To offer you this we have to charge more.  For every hour I spend shooting is another two to three hours editing to make sure we get your pictures perfect before your personalized viewing session.  Additionally professional equipment is not cheap and in order to provide you with superior product I also have to be able to purchase superior gear to include lenses  lighting,  props, flooring, backdrops and more.

Why do your packages only have framed prints?  Why can’t I get a discount on just prints?

I do not offer a discount on unframed prints because, if purchased within one week of your viewing session, unframed prints can be purchased at a discount a la carte.

I want just digital Images no prints can I do that?

Yes, I offer a line that is just digital.  The starting package is $950.  The sitting fee is applied to this amount and it is for 30 fully edited images chosen by the photographer.  With this line we provide a print release as well as instructions on how/where to print to ensure best picture quality.

When should I schedule my Newborn session?

Newborns are best 5-7 days new, as this is when they are the sleepiest.  To ensure that we do not have your day booked we recommend you schedule your shoot three to sixth months before your due date.

What if my baby comes early/late?

No worries, we will stay in contact.  If you Doctor and/or you expect your baby to be early or late just let us know.  Also, add us to the list of who to call to announce your babies birth and we will set your specific date and time.

What if my child has a complete meltdown?

As a mom, I know that it can happen.  We will first try to reschedule at a better time for your little one or ones as the case may be.  If that is not possible you will be refunded at the time of your session.  No “my child had a meltdown” session refunds will be made after editing has begun.

Why do Newborn sessions take so long/cost more?

I LOVE newborns I can’t express this enough but, remember, newborns are work. Adorable bundles but work.  These new little lives need time to be cuddled, fed, changed and to feel safe in order to sleep so peacefully for us. They cost more because the set up and editing is more costly.  It takes so long because we want to pamper YOU!  We can’t do that if we are in a hurry.  We only schedule one newborn session a day to give and your bundle our undivided attention.  We provide you a special drink and quite atmosphere.  Some moms have even been known to take that much needed and well deserved nap as our trained photographer is taking care of their new arrival.

My child is squirmy and just won’t sit still?

Personal photographer may be just your ticket.  I laugh with parents as I tell them there is a reason I have a camera that can take 6 frames per second.  A squirmy child would likely love a session at the park or a field.  Too much room?  My studio is enclosed and we remove all “extra” distractions giving them one favorite or new to them toy to play with.  We have found the key to these kids is to let them play.  Our goal is to capture them where they are.  We my not get that perfect smiling at the camera posed shot but we can and will capture your busy child where they are.

My child is disabled is that a problem?

I had a mom ask this question phrased just this way.  My response to her as well as to you if you have the question is absolutely not a problem.  I have personal experience with disabled children as my six year old daughter has bi-lateral temporal lobe damage.  For this session it is all about communication care givers are in charge and we will talk about posing as well as each child’s individual quirks so we can make the session special and fun for the whole family.

My child has severe stranger anxiety?

No problem!  I will only go as close as they will let me.  We will work slow and at their pace.  Mom or Dad might have to do some work in setting them on props guarding them wile I move lights and anything we need to do to make them feel safe and secure.  The eventual goal would be to get them to have a picture by themselves.  If in the end they won’t remember that you are capturing a child where they are right now and a picture of a child wrapped around a leg is priceless when they refuse to give you a hug because “their friends are watching”.

I can go over to, <insert another photographers name here>, and get ______  Why can’t I with you?

Well if your other photographer is Sears or Walmart. They are a chain and and please see question one.  As for other photographers and what they offer.  Please look at my work and choose by that.  We all do things a little bit differently and we do it for our own reasons.  Most people you will find have skills and we all would ask that you hire us by our skills and not just by our price tags.